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Danbury Chiropractic is rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 11 reviews.

The doctors here are excellent and friendly along with with the reception and PT staff! They've helped me recover from a lower back and neck injury so far and I send everyone there.

David Oliveira Avatar
David Oliveira

Dr. D and his staff are the best. I have been a client for years on a maintenance schedule and have always been taken great care of. I would highly recommend them.

Elie Laham Avatar
Elie Laham

No back pain keeps me working - thanks doc!

Robert Jacobs Avatar
Robert Jacobs

I have been going here for 10 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I used to live in Danbury when I started going to Danbury Chiropractic, I moved 25 miles away and it’s worth the drive in. They take great care of everyone in my family. You won’t be disappointed.

Jeannette Willis Avatar
Jeannette Willis

Dr. Jared has been really helpful with my back. Sometimes he'll go on about the finer details of the cox chiropractic method, but all I know is that it works. He's on my recommended list.Beautiful new office too.

Garrot Mulvaney Avatar
Garrot Mulvaney

When I first came into Dr. D's office, I could barely walk. Epidurals and countless doctor visits had done nothing to reduce the crippling pain in my back and legs that I had endured for over a year. I was certain I would never be able to walk or stand like I once had. Yet within weeks of beginning treatment with Doctor D. I was back on my feet and moving again. It has taken me months of treatment to finally start feeling normal again but Doctor D. and his staff have been incredibly compassionate and patient with my care.

Extremely Grateful Patient

Jonathan Diamond Avatar
Jonathan Diamond

Just the best ever! Professional, super clean, pretty office, and kind staff! Expert adjustments from Dr D. and therapy for whatever ails you. Also great for maintenance to maintain relief and keep proper alignment. I’ve been a happy customer for over 20 years! Your body will thank you.

Helen Sheridan Avatar
Helen Sheridan

Dr. DiLorenzo and his staff are warm, caring people who want you to be healthy. Adjustments are thorough and painless. I always feel better after I see Dr. D. If you have any back pain, Danbury Health and Wellness is the place to go to heal.

Clare Smith Avatar
Clare Smith

Been going to Damary Chiropractic for maintenance 12 years now. Can't say enough about how Grateful I am to doctor DeLorenzo and staff. 58 and feeling great.

charles olgee Avatar
charles olgee

I highly recommend! I love the staff! They welcomed me with warm hearts. Dr. Jared is amazing! Very friendly, knowledagble & he will take great care of you! - Audrey

Audrey G Avatar
Audrey G

Dr. Jared has been really helpful with my back. Sometimes he'll go on about the finer details of the cox chiropractic method, but all I know is that it works. He's on my recommended list.

Beautiful new office too.

Garrot Mulvaney Avatar
Garrot Mulvaney

Dr. DiLorenzo is nothing short of amazing. He's one of the few chiropractors in connecticut that treats low back pain with the cox technique. It does wonders.

Nancy Burns Avatar
Nancy Burns

Out of personal experience, I can assure you that you will wonder what took you so long to come here!

Nancy Birmingham Avatar
Nancy Birmingham

The adjustments & therapy received have kept me, literally, on my feet for years. Maintaining a physical, mental & spiritual life style not possible otherwise. Thank you for the wonderful care.

Dan Figueroa Avatar
Dan Figueroa

Great place and the chiropractors are hot!

Happy Allen Avatar
Happy Allen

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